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Prof. A. Einstein:


Since 1994 Einstein Maths has endeavoured to expose high achievers in primary school mathematics (Grades 2 to 7) to advanced ideas in mathematics but within their knowledge and ability range. Such material is generally not considered in the routine mathematics curriculum and is clearly directed at students with high potential in mathematics. Of course, it is not possible to judge potential accurately, therefore anyone may take part at the appropriate age and grade level as determined by the parents or guardians.

Usually the programme consists of 2 blocks of 4 lectures each year. That is there are 8 lectures per year for each level and no lectures are repeated. Lectures are about 40 to 45 minutes duration with some time allowed during the class for self-exploration. A guided self discovery and heuristic (problem solving) approach is followed by the Professor.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Each student/ parent must fill the Registration form – see below. An email address is required and this email will be used for communication purposes going forward. After paying the fee, you may create an account here where all the materials are stored. Zoom details will be sent by email to all fully registered participants. Your information will be retained however you may decide to unsubscribe from emails at any time in which case your contact information will be deleted. Non-registered learners may access materials in the GUEST AREA HERE.

LIMITED ROOM SIZE: As we have subscribed to a Zoom business licence, a limited number of participants will be allowed. Once the room is full we shall inform new members accordingly.

LECTURE MATERIAL: Lecture materials accessible to all are found here. These include Lecture problems and preview videos. You may create an account or use GUEST LOGIN for the Lecture Previews. Members must create an account – only takes a few minutes. Thereafter our Administrator will enrol you in your class. Only Members may access the Members area (Grade 2/3; Grade 4/5; Grade 6/7) where the lecture zoom links are found, solutions to the problems and where the completed lecture videos are uploaded for a limited time. Additionally Members may take optional Quizzes.

REGISTRATION COST: The registration cost of R350, which covers ALL four sessions and access to the Members Area, may be paid by EFT or at a bank and the Reference used must be the full name and surname of the student. Note there are considerable costs in organising online programmes: website fees, Zoom licence fees, payment gateway fees, site development costs, data storage costs, etc. Your support is therefore highly appreciated.

REGISTRATION HELP: Some parents may not be comfortable with the self-registration procedures above. In such cases, parents may send a SMS/ Whatsapp message to 0844010766 with this information only: 1. Name and Surname of student; 2. Grade; 3. School; 4. payment date (no need for proof unless requested) and 5. valid email address. Example: Peter Zondo, 5, Umhlali Primary, 5 November, someone@kmail.tom. You will then be sent the course information. Please note to access the Members Area all members must have a valid email address so as to create an account which will allow access to all the videos. All materials are stored on our content management site (click here). Materials will not be sent in any other format.

BANKING INFO: Account name: Turbomaths Technology, Nedbank Musgrave, Account number 1301341738. Alternative Banking for Standard Bank account number: 051832755 Name: Supermaths. Please use student’s full first and surname as reference which will be used to admit students to the virtual session.

LECTURE PREVIEW: You will also be provided a video link on youtube which will discuss information about the problems in the lecture to come as a form of preparation. The link is found here: PREVIEW LECTURES It will be in your interest to watch these videos before the lecture to get hints at understanding the problems. This video will be available to anyone but admission to the programme, where the complete solutions will be discussed, will be granted only to fully Registered participants. After the lecture the video will be uploaded to the Members Area and be available for 14 days. Unregistered participants will not be given access to the Members Area.

AFTER REGISTRATION: For self-registering parents, please proceed to SHOP and choose Einstein Maths. Then click on Cart to Checkout. Note that your bank will have certain security protocols to be followed for your protection online. Instant EFT and Credit/ Debit card payments are accepted through PayFast.